Monument of Fr. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński

Monument to Fr. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, a life-size by Tadeusz Sagan, was placed in Manieczki in December 2020, just before Christmas.
The decision to erect the monument was made due to the invaluable participation of the cardinal in teaching and leading the Polish nation.
Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the Primate of the Millennium, was an extraordinary figure of the Polish church. A great friend and a teacher of Pope John Paul II, who wrote about the cardinal in 1978:
“There would be no Polish Pope in the See of Peter
[...] if it had not been for your faith that would not retreat from imprisonment and suffering, your heroic hope, your entrustment entirely to the mother of the church ”
Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński was to be beatified on June 7, 2020. Due to the epidemic, the ceremony was canceled.
The achievements of the Primate of the Millennium are enormous. He wrote many works and books. You can read some of them in the link below.
We are very happy that the monument was created in our studio.