Statue of the Guardian Angel of Poland

Monument to the Guardian Angel of Poland. It was established at the parish of st. John the Baptist in Przemyśl. The work was created in 2018 and the unveiling took place on January 27, 2019. The monument was consecrated by the Archbishop of Przemyśl, Archbishop Adam Szal, and as part of the ceremony in the Cathedral, a concert was given by a highlander children’s band from Raba Wyżna, “Mała Armia Janosik”. The author is Piotr Garstka.
The content of the article
“A monument to the Guardian Angel of Poland was erected at the Przemyśl Archcathedral. The monument was created with contributions from parishioners from all over the region, this initiative is related to the January Uprising and the figure of blessed priest Bronisław Markiewicz.
The author of the monument is Piotr Garstka, and it was founded by the faithful of many parishes – mainly the Przemyśl archdiocese, but also from outside. The idea of ​​its creation dates back to the January Uprising, when blessed Fr. Bronisław Markiewicz, just before graduating from high school in Przemyśl, was so concerned with seeing an Angel exhorting Poles to be faithful to the most important Christian values ​​that he entered the seminary.

The angel also reportedly predicted that a certain young priest would sacrifice himself for poor children and abandoned youth, and that Poland would be reborn and would give the world a Polish Pope. In his later activity, Father Markiewicz established an educational institution for abandoned and neglected youth in Miejsce Piastowe. He was also the founder of the Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel. “