About Us

Welcome, to Art Sculpture Casting Foundry.

Bronze is our passion. It’s, twenty years of our creativity. Our desire is to create sculptures in our studio in shared joy. We truly believe in honesty, trust and openness. Highly respecting talent of other artists, we provide enjoyable intimate work atmosphere. Fortunately, to accomplish our work vision, we are located in a magical quiet area of lakes and forests.

Our studio offers creating all kinds of sculptures.

In our work, we use technologies such as:

– Lost wax,

– Sand molds,

– Synthetic muds

We are able to make sculptures of any dimensions.

For public and private investors, we can offer an alternative:

– Monuments, Busts, Figures,

– Animals Forms and Garden Sculptures,

– Sacramental and Sacred Tombs,

– Memorial Plaques, Reliefs, Medals,

– Statuettes,

– Sculptures Replicas,

From design to execution models, casting in bronze and instillation of the sculptures.

Sculptors and artists who want to realize their works in bronze – our studio provides professional assistance in all aspects. From supporting structures, to execution models, work on the model, casting in bronze, transport, installation in required location.

We also have experience with realizations costs of aluminum and silicone molds.

By working with stonemasonry companies, we can perform plinths and pedestals for statues.

We look forward to new successful working relationships...