Statue of Our Lady of Graces

In the parish of St. John Paul II in Radzymin, a bronze figure of Our Lady of Grace was created. Our Lady of Graces is the patron saint of Warsaw and the Guardian of Poland.
The monument was unveiled and consecrated on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw by Bishop Romuald Kamiński.
The Warsaw-Prague bishop emphasized that the erection of the monument in this place is an expression of gratitude to God for the intercession of Mary and requests for a “miracle on the Vistula River” in 1920.
The statue of Our Lady of Graces is 3 meters high and is placed on a 5-meter pedestal. Sculpture is made by Maciej Aleksandrowicz and Grzegorz Witek.
Below you can read the report from the unveiling of the figure, which took place on August 16, 2020. Iw

Below we present a part of the article from the website concerning Our Lady, Gracious Guardian of Poland.
“Guardian of Poland with arrows protecting against” black plague ”
Mary in the image of Our Lady of Graces received the title of “Guardian of Poland and Patroness of Warsaw” before King Kazimierz in the Lviv cathedral, before another image of Our Lady of Graces, gave the Polish nation under the reign of Mary, proclaiming her “Queen of the Polish Crown”. The Warsaw painting of Our Lady, Gracious Guardian of Poland has its prototype in the image of the Madonna of Faenza in Italy (Mater Gratiarum).
Mary is presented there as the Shield (Palladium) against the plague, holding in her hands the broken arrows of “God’s wrath”, the arrows of all misfortunes, evil and immediately. She emerges from golden clouds, she is dressed in a wide dark navy blue coat and is girded with a beautiful sash. He seems to be protecting his children with his outstretched, flowing cloak. “