The Witcher

The Witcher bronze cast. Sculpture by Mr. Tomasz Radziewicz.

Below is part of the interview with Tomek on the page:

“Your sculpture promotes The Witcher III game all over the world. How did you get to this venture and how did you work on it?

Yes, this is my little success, paid for with hard work. I have learned in my life that nothing comes by itself. If you don’t take care of it yourself and don’t take the initiative, you won’t get anything. When I was still a student, we were constantly told that art would defend itself and that if you were good, they would find you. Some crap! If you don’t act, don’t take the initiative, forget it. I came to The Witcher with my warm friends, Adam Świerżewski and Scibor Teleszyński. We founded ‘uDock creative studio’ and slowly began implementing projects from the fantasy world. We didn’t have any complexes, we had achievements, open minds and willingness to act. We hit CD Projekt Red from a thick pipe and from the very beginning the cooperation was great. I remember how surprised they were when they saw our projects. We quickly “girded” ourselves and thanks to that we created a collector’s figure for the third part of The Witcher, published worldwide in 100,000 copies. Last year, I worked hard on a large sculpture of Geralt with Południca, which in 32 copies was exhibited all over the world. In Poland, you can see her at the exhibition at the Museum on ul. Mariacka in Gdańsk. In the meantime, I was working with my friend Ścibor Teleszyński on a project for Neville Page, artistic director of Avatar. There was a lot of it “