Teddy bear Wojtek

Teddy bear Wojtek. On September the 1st 2019 the sculpture of Bear Wojtek was unveiled in Sopot. The likeness of a Syrian brown bear adopted during World War II by Polish soldiers from the Anders Army stood on the premises of Saint George.
The teddy bear was presented by the sculptor Paweł Sasin as a soldier. He is dressed in the summer uniform of the Anders Army, sitting on a chest. The monument was created thanks to the idea and efforts of the Foundation for the Construction of the Monument to Wojtek the Bear.
A few interesting words from the local Śrem newspaper posted on the website www.tydzien.net.pl

“Last week, in the studio of Garstka Studio in Szymanowo, work on the casting of Wojtek’s bear was completed. Paweł Sasin made a sculpture commissioned by the Foundation for the Construction of the Monument to Wojtek the Bear in Sopot. The artist designed and carved a bear. Castings were made in Szymanowo. First sculpture was made made in clay. Then I made a cast in plaster and the carving was still at this stage. When the whole was closed and the monument was ready, it was taken to the workshop in Szymanów. Here, based on a plaster model, it was cast in bronze. I worked on the sculpture intensively for half a year – says Paweł Sasin. He also adds that artists from Szymanów work wonderfully on monumental sculptural projects ”