Statue of saint Brother Albert

Statue of saint Brother Albert. Adam Bernard Hilary Chmielowski – was born on August 20, 1845 in Igołomi near Kraków. He was the eldest of four children of Wojciech and Józefa.

Called a guardian of the homeless, the poor, the disabled, orphans, the elderly and terminally ill.

Brother Albert’s words are famous that “everyone must be given food, a homeless place, and naked clothing, without a roof and a piece of bread, he can only steal or beg for living.”

His whole life is of great value for people who need help most.

Sick brother Albert, “brother of swaddling men” as he was called, died on December 25, 1916 in Krakow. In 1938, Polish President Ignacy Mościcki posthumously awarded him the Grand Ribbon of the Order of Polonia Restituta for outstanding services in independence and in the field of social work.

The elevation of Brother Albert to the glory of the altars, both for beatification (1983 in Krakow) and canonization (November 12, 1989 in Rome) was made by the Holy Father John Paul II. Saint’s relics are located in the Sanctuary of Saint Brother Albert Ecce Homo in Krakow.

A monument by Adam Piask and Marcin Sobczak.

Road from Szymanowo to Gdańsk.