Bench of Wincenty Różański

Wincenty Różański’s bronze bench was put up in Górczyński Park in June 2021. The unveiling is scheduled for October 7, 2021.
Wincenty Różański was a poet. He was born in Mosina, but spent all his life in Poznań. He only made a living by writing poetry, which is proof of how committed he was to his calling.
Wincenty had a great friendship with Edward Stachura. Witek, as he was called, became the hero of Stachura’s “All Brightness”. He himself devoted a few poems to Stachura. He did not hide that it was a friendship that had a huge impact on his life.
At the age of 62, Witek married Małgorzata Kasztelan, a musician – pianist and flautist. It was mature and beautiful love.
The latest work by Roman Kosmala, devoted to the poet Wincent Różański, was created under the watchful eye of his wife just before her death.