Bench of the priest Wojciech Raczkowski

Bench of the priest Wojciech Raczkowski. The author of the sculpture is Adam Wójkiewicz and it was created in our studio in October and November 2017
Bench of Wojciech Raczkowski in Środa Wielkopolska was established as a street monument to a Polish priest. He was the priest of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Środa Wielkopolska in the years 1980–2002. The bench stood at ul. Spring of Nations, in front of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was established on the initiative of Józef Odalanowski and was financed under the Średzki Civic Budget 2016. Unveiled on April 22, 2018.
Except from the interview given by priest canon Wojciech Raczkowski for the “Catholic Guide”:
“After fifty-two years of priesthood, how not to thank the Lord for letting me persevere in His service? How can I not apologize for having swallowed so much? How not to ask me to endure my days? Another accent of this reflection: what fruits did this service to God and people bring? We are useless servants, but what we were supposed to do – somehow we did. I think that one point of this question is contained in one of the mass prayers: “Please, Lord, let us constantly consider your teaching by word and deed, what you like” – he said in an interview quoted here for the “Catholic Guide”.