Monuments, busts, figures

The name “monument” comes from Old Polish form of the word “remember” – “recalled” and means a place commemorating the event or person. The form of the monument can be different – it is mostly a statue or a group of sculptures on the plinth. Monuments are a very important part of our business. Many of our projects occupies a special place commemorates the important Polish personalities and events. The realization of such a project can take up the whole year.

We create monuments in any sizes, from small to large, up to six meters high.

Our advantage is the ability to perform all types of work in our workshop.

–         Presentation of the concept,

–         Sculpting the model,

–         Implementation of a monument in bronze or aluminum,

–         Mounting at the destination,

Purchasers can accompany us during the whole process. First the customer presents there vision of the project. Then approving the model, according to his wishes. Upon acceptance we begin the work of molding. Qualified staff will carry out the project. The next step is the melting bronze and flooding forms of metal. Then proceed to work welders to sculpture took desired shapes. The final stage is to give the right color to each sculpture – patinating. We make sure that each sculpture comes out under our hands with soul.

All sculptures produced in our studio leave with touch of our soul.


The bust is a sculpture of the head and part of the arms form. At first, it may seem that this is not the best idea for interior decoration. They look quite sever. They associate in first thought with museums and theaters. However, in our experience it turns out that busts are particularly original solution for each arrangement. Busts are dignified and very elegant. Definitely, they refer also to the old style.

We can make a copy of old antique busts by scanning the model and using a milling machine to make copies without any prejudice to valuable and very old sculpture.


Bronze figures are lower form of the monument. Dedicated to the institutions and people whose budget does not allow for the implementation of a large monument? They still want in a special way, to honour the character and the important event in the life of the community. Due to the long-standing contacts with the company stonework implementation may also refer to the base. This can be marble, granite, sandstone, depending on customer requirements and aesthetic sculpture.