Memorial plaques, reliefs, medals

Plaques and reliefs are suitable, to recall important people or significant events.

They are always prepared in such a way as to constitute a decoration of space. There made with attention to every detail. They created on an individual order. The project board will be made always according to your expectations. We will use only the means to choose the appropriate form to its destination. We create plaques and reliefs in small and large format. We offer the arrays and bas-reliefs in bronze, aluminum or using the modern technology CNC milling machine. Lettering and reliefs may be convex or concave.


 Commemorative medals are made usually for anniversary celebrations for the institutions, agencies and associations. Of course, also arise at individual request. Projects generally contain a logo or hallmark institution, lettering substantiation purpose of issue and date. The decision about what will be on the medal obviously depends on you. We will make both, model and casting. Series of performed medals may also be small – conducted from 10 pieces. This is an excellent way to honor the people who are involved in the particular project. Casting bronze medals, this is a truly unique souvenir. You can also perform medals using modern technology – CNC milling machine.